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Types of Massage Therapy


Swedish Massage

Use light to deep pressure for this type of therapeutic, corrective Massage Therapy. Promotes muscle relaxation and recovery, circulation, healthy posture, and lymphatic flow.


Works on muscle adhesions and scar tissue for increased flexibility.

Cupping, gua sha, stretching, and cold therapy can be incorporated during the session.

Sports Massage

Use Massage Therapy for better muscle recovery and athletic performance. Increase circulation, range of motion, flexibility, and neurogenesis.

Cupping, gua sha, stretching, and cold therapy can be incorporated during the session.


Prenatal Massage

This type of Massage Therapy supports the body and its changes through all phases of pregnancy and prenatal development.

Aromatherapy Massage

Add organic essential oils to your therapeutic Massage Therapy session to relax and revitalize.


Cupping Massage

Use Sliding and Static Cupping to work on inflammation, adhesions, and muscle tightness.

This non-invasive and non-fatiguing therapy can be used hours before or after a sporting event.


Community Massage Donation

Make a donation to provide Massage Therapy Services for a local non profit or organization in the community.  Thank you for your support!

* If you are a local organization that would be interested in being considered for a donation, please contact Golden Birch Therapeutics for more info.

Foam Rolling and other Myofascial Tools

Learn how to use myofascial tools-- foam rollers, massage guns, and gua sha-- for better muscle recovery and pain relief in your self-care routine. 

This is a 30 minute session, no tools required.

Sports equipment

Reflexology Massage

Feet are the focus with this type of Massage Therapy. Use pressure points to relieve soreness and tightness. 

Work on neurogenesis with all the nerves in the body

Warm Bamboo Massage

Bamboo tools of different shapes and sizes are used to work on muscle adhesions, helping with circulation and lymph flow. 


The bamboo tools are heated to help with muscle relaxation in this type of therapeutic session

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